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Bureau Image stands out for its technical expertise in current and emerging web technologies, implementing high-performance solutions. Specializing in responsive web design, we create intuitive sites for optimal user experience. Our agency fashions an effective digital presence, promoting online visibility and achieving your business objectives. With extensive experience in project management, we offer turnkey solutions on a variety of scales.

WordPress, used by 43% of global websites, represents a versatile and economical solution. With extensive compatibility, ease of use, a mobile-friendly solution, extensive customization and an optimal security system.

We have been working with this system for over 15 years as an expert.

Compatibility Adapts to each version of PHP and My SQL database over the years.
Affordable CMS is open-source, which means you can use it for free (no monthly subscription).
Mobile friendly Optimized for mobile use, navigation is very smooth on smartphones and tablets.
Ease of use and accessibility Wordpress offers an intuitive user interface that makes managing your website easy, even for beginners.
Flexibility and scalability Great flexibility in customization. Possibility of managing websites of all sizes or developing your site.
SEO friendly Ideal for natural referencing (SEO). It is optimized for search engines.
Security and community This open-source CMS is constantly updated to ensure the security of your website.

WordPress is a popular option for building websites. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, WordPress offers an easy-to-use and easy-to-customize content management platform, with advanced features to help you improve your site’s SEO and protect it from security threats.

Our websites have a lifetime of over 6 years with annual maintenance.

The longevity of a WordPress site depends on a number of factors such as quality of design, security, regular maintenance, relevance and quality of content, and scalability. However, in general, a well-designed and managed WordPress site can be considered sustainable, with a lifespan that can be several years or more.

Security is one of the key factors that can affect the longevity of a WordPress site. It is important to take steps to secure your website, such as installing security plugins, using strong passwords, updating the software regularly, and backing up data regularly. This can help prevent hacks and malicious attacks, which could cause significant damage to your website and affect its longevity.

In addition, the quality and relevance of content is also important to ensure the longevity of a WordPress site. Websites that provide quality content that meets the needs and interests of their target audience tend to generate more traffic and build a loyal audience. They are also more likely to rank higher in search engine results, which can contribute to their longevity.

Finally, regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity of a WordPress site. This includes regularly updating the software, checking links, optimising images, fixing errors, removing spam and deleting inappropriate comments. By taking care of your website, you can maximise its longevity and ensure that it remains relevant and functional for your users.

PHP 8 is a major release that brings many significant improvements with useful new features and better error handling.

Improved Performance PHP 8 offers a significant performance improvement over previous versions. This is due to the introduction of the new Zend virtual machine, which allows faster execution of PHP scripts.
Strong typing PHP 8 allows developers to enforce stricter typing of variables and function arguments, which can help reduce coding errors and improve code quality.
New Features PHP 8 brings useful new features for developers, such as native support for regular expressions in strings, support for class attributes, improved support for private, protected and static properties, and more.
Better error handling PHP 8 improves error handling by introducing new exception types and improving error messages. This can help developers more easily find and resolve errors in their code.
Improved security PHP 8 introduces new security features to help developers protect their code from common security attacks, such as checking for case-sensitive function names, automatic detection of disclosure of sensitive information, and automatic detection of the use of uninitialised variables.

Our production time varies between 5-40 working days.

The delivery time may vary from project to project. However, we always do our best to meet the deadlines agreed with our customers while ensuring the quality of our work and we keep our customers informed of the progress of their project.

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress that allows website owners to create an online shop and sell products and services.

Flexibility WooCommerce is highly customisable, it also offers a wide variety of payment and shipping options, as well as the ability to sell both digital and physical products.
Security WooCommerce is regularly updated to ensure the safety of your e-commerce site and your customers. It also offers security features such as integration with secure payment gateways, protection against brute force attacks and the ability to implement additional security measures using third-party plugins.
Easy integration WooCommerce integrates easily with other WordPress plugins and third-party services such as email marketing tools, social networks and delivery platforms. This allows e-commerce site owners to take advantage of advanced features to enhance their business.

In summary, WooCommerce is a flexible, secure, user-friendly and well-supported ecommerce plugin that offers ecommerce site owners advanced features to sell products and services online.

We can help you with the creation of your domain name and hosting. This step is essential for the launch of your site.

For the reservation of the domain name, we will check its availability and reserve it on your behalf and for the hosting, we will ensure that your site is hosted on efficient and reliable servers. We will take into account your needs in terms of storage capacity, bandwidth and security to offer you the most suitable solution for your website.